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The County Assessor is an elected official who has general supervision over and the direction of the assessment of all property in Webster County for taxation purposes.  Their primary duty is to uniformly and proportionately value all real property (land, homes and buildings) within the county.


  • Must hold a current Assessor’s Certificate
  • Must obtain 60 hours of continuing education every 4 year term


  • Primary duty is to uniformly and proportionately establish and maintain market value on all real property in the county using mass appraisal.
  • Responsible for maintaining personal property accounts on all business’ and farmers who own depreciable personal property.
  • Maintain parcel maps; GIS and Cadastral
  • Attend all meetings of County Board of Equalization
  • Review all applications for Permissive Exemptions such as religious, charitable and educational.
  • Administer the Homestead Exemption Program
  • Prepare numerous State reports
  • Certify values to political subdivisions
  • Prepare annual tax roll for county Treasurer
  • Maintain accounts on all State Assessed property

Valuation changes are due to changes in the market, the addition or removal of improvements, remodel or rehabilitation of the property or deterioration of the property.  It is not our job to raise your value to get more tax dollars it is our job to establish and maintain uniform and proportionate values on all real property within the county.  We then take it to the percentage set by State Statute for that class of property.  The Assessor does not levy or collect taxes.  How much your taxes are will be determined by each political subdivisions budget.  The levies are set by the County Commissioners using the budget against the value of each political subdivision.

All information, except the actual Homestead Exemption Application is public record.  You can obtain any information we have on file about any property in the County; such as size of lot, size and age of home or value of property.